How can I see my flash cookies?

Question from Anonymous:

I recently learned that I had tons of flash cookies on my computer that were tracking my every move. I don’t know where they are on my computer, or even what they are, however I’ve noticed them because websites are still able to remember me, even when I delete all of my regular browser cookies. Where can I see the flash cookies that are stored on my computer?

Our Answer:

Adobe really has gone out of its way to make it hard for you to view and manage the cookies on your computer. You can’t even do it without being connected to the internet. That being said, the process is actually quite easy once you know about it. To view and delete your flash cookies, open your browser and visit the following URL:

There you will be able to see all of your flash cookies, and delete them if you wish. Furthermore, you can change the settings of your flash player, in terms of flash cookies. You can change the maximum cookie file size and even disable the cookies altogether. Keep in mind that if you do this, flash will probably not function properly.


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