Are free proxy servers safe?

Question from Anonymous:

I want to use a proxy server to connect to the internet, however I don’t have enough money to pay for one of the fancy VPN services out there. Is it safe to use a free proxy server to connect? Can the owner of the proxy server see what I’m doing or obtain my information?

Our Answer:

Good question. Unfortunately, very few things are free in life. When you find something for free, you have to ask yourself, “Why is this free?” If it is a free proxy server that has advertising on it, it makes sense. However, if you’re talking about free socks5 proxies or http proxies, it is possible that they are being operated by malicious operators who plan on using them to sniff your traffic. When you connect to one of these rogue proxy servers, you run the risk of having any information that you sent over the proxy compromised. I would only recommend free socks and http proxy servers if you aren’t transferring any important data or passwords. If you are doing something as simple as logging into your e-mail or Facebook account, you are still at risk. Spending $8 per month on a VPN service is definitely worth it, when you factor in the time and headache that will be involved if your online accounts are compromised.


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